Initial Consultation

Both the male and female partners undergo a medical examination and tests for diagnosis and a preconception check-up. They also meet with an embryologist. The semen of the male partner is tested and analysed for different parameters, including the quality, quantity and movement of sperm.

Monitoring of Follicles

The female partner takes small doses of fertility drugs. Thereafter, a specialist monitors the development of the follicles in the ovary using ultrasound. Based on the growth of the follicles, the patient is administered an hCG injection (trigger) for ovulation.

Provide Sperm

On the day of insemination, the male partner is asked to provide a sperm sample. Then it is processed and the healthiest among them are selected.

Insemination Procedure

Insemination is a simple process. Processed sperm along with the nutritive media is injected in the uterus, which reduces the distance the sperm have to travel. The procedure can be repeated for consecutive days to increase the chances of success.

After Procedure

After the insemination procedure, the specialist may prescribe medicines to enhance the chances of pregnancy. The specialist also gives the specified period of time during which pregnancy tests are conducted to determine if the female partner is pregnant.